Team Development

We have all been inspired when watching great teams perform at a high level and ultimately win! The Reagan cabinet of the 80s, the great Chicago Bulls of the 90s, or the Google team of the current era. And every leader understands the great disappointment and frustration that comes with a team that is underperforming and dysfunctional. Most so called "teams" in American business are such teams and deserving of a decent burial.

LeadersInspire exists to equip you and your team for greater effectiveness and impact. Our pulse beats fast to maximize the collective talents and potential of your leadership team. When a leadership team functions well together, bound by a set of sacred practices and a worthy vision, great things always happen!

  • Team Assessments identify current team health and areas for development
  • Team discussions framed to improve Trust, Commitment, Unity, and a Feedback Rich culture
  • Covenant practices formed for alignment and performance improvement
Team Development

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