Leadership Education

Learning ought to be fun, engaging, memorable, and transformational! How many thousands of hours and dollars are spent annually on training and conferences only to yield the miserable result of a notebook tossed into the trash three months out. LeadersInspire is committed to providing learning experiences that are personally engaging, five senses stimulating, and individually contextualized for your organization.

Chip Toth is an experienced presenter and facilitator who has led learning and training experiences for over thirty years. He believes to his toes that the high percentage of wisdom in the room belongs to the participants. Thus, he skillfully draws participants into the learning experience to maximize the intellectual wattage while at the same time building ownership among his clients. He will certainly "mess" with your thinking regarding the role of leadership, the value of people, the impact of love, and the real legacy of a life well lived.

  • ½ day to 1 and ½ day workshops
  • Engaging and Fun learning utilizing thought exercises, media, and group activities
  • Topics include Self Awareness, Motivate and Inspire, Talent Development, Coaching Others, and Energy Management
  • Success Teams provide sustained Commitment and Follow-through long after the workshop ends

Leadership Education

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Leadership Education